Creativity sessions for children

                       . . . in your own home

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. . .with Star Fairy - Queen of the Fairies

Does your preschooler love fairies? Do they love singing, dancing, making up stories and creating art? I specialise in one-on-one creativity sessions for preschool and lower primary-aged children (3-7 year olds).

One-on-one sessions build confidence and create a safe environment for children to explore their creativity. The sessions can be stepping stones to gain confidence to join a dance or drama class; or simply time out to explore their imagination with no inhibitions.

I come to your house as Star Fairy - Queen of the Fairies, with my suitcase of magic tricks, puppets, art materials and music. I take your child on an imaginative journey through the house where ordinary spaces, like their own bedroom, become chambers in a magical kingdom.  Together we create a story using their toys as props (and Larry, my special teddy bear). I incorporate magic, dance and singing into the story. Afterwards we create a book together using collage and crayons to illustrate the story.


You will receive:

 - A Teddy Bears Picnic CD with songs used during the session.

 - 10 x stamped envelopes addressed to Star Fairy. These encourage your child to write and draw pictures to send to me once a week for 10 weeks. I will write back once a week and tell them about my latest ventures in fairyland. 

 - A magic stone from fairyland to hide in a secret place.


I am a performer, artist, photographer and published children’s author with 16 years’ experience writing and performing interactive children’s shows and workshops. My book, Star Fairy's Top Secret Guide to Fairyland was published by Pan MacMillan, Australia in 2007. I am also a mother of two teenagers and have had 10 years’ experience as a nanny.  

Cost: $180 for a two hour one-on-one session

If you need birthday party entertainment I also perform solo and duo shows for parties of a maximum of eight children (and can stay afterwards to take candid photos of everyone).